On This Date In Twin Cities History - November 2, 1869

On this date in 1869, Manomin County in central Minnesota is abolished by a constitutional amendment. Manomin was originally organized when it was split from Ramsey County by an act of the territorial legislature on May 3, 1857. At that time, it was the smallest county in the United States comprising only 18 square miles. Manomin County occupied the area of modern day Anoka County that extends southward between Hennepin and Ramsey counties. Manomin existed separately for about one year from 1857 to 1858 before it was disorganized. Over the next decade, the land shifted hands between St. Louis, Anoka and Hennepin counties before finally being annexed by Anoka county in 1870 becoming the township of Manomin. In 1879, the Minnesota State Legislature, of which Abram M. Fridley was a member, changed the township’s name to bear his last name – Fridley.1874 Map of Anoka County

1874 Map of Anoka County