On This Date In Twin Cities History - July 5, 1900

On this date in 1900, a tornado tore across White Bear Lake at about 7:15 PM lashing at the surface of the lake creating huge waves.  The twister uprooted tress and demolished a number of small buildings. The St. Paul Globe reported that “the yachts and rowboats anchored at Ramalley’s dock were piled up like cord wood”.  Also destroyed was the “Shoot the Chutes” structure situated nears Ramaley’s pavilion on the west shore of the lake. The 290 foot long, 65 foot high ride was modeled after a similar structure built for the Omaha Exposition of 1899. Its passengers descended down the 290 foot long ramp into the lake riding atop a small floating craft. Built at a cost of $10,000, the ride was constructed from 50,000 feet of lumber and was just days from being opened.